What are the birthstones for each month?

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What are the birthstones for each month? - My Zen Temple

What are the birthstones for each month?


For a very long time, we have associated specific gemstones to a specific month of the year.

Some popular legends suggest that there was twelve different, unique and highly seen as sacred magical crystals, only worn by high priests and healers.

Together, the healing stones compliment each other, bringing great protection and healing purposes. 

Let's find out what is your official sacred Birthstone! 


January - Garnet 

The garnet stone is a stunning red gemstone, it is said to be the most ancient stone in talisman history.

This is THE stone chosen by the warriors in many ancient cultures because of its metaphysical powers of protection and healing. Its origins foretell that the name "Garnet" comes from ancient Latin words expressing dark red and seed like.

Considered as the seed of life in many different beliefs and cultures like the native American Indian tribes, the Aztecs, the African tribal elders, and the Mayans.  

Zodiac sun sign association: Aquarius.


February - Amethyst

Amethyst is a highly spiritual healing crystal with strong metaphysical powers, it is also a great meditation tool.

Known to build your intuition and feel confident with a clear stream of thought. In ancient times, this stone was believed to neglect the wearer's ability of drunkenness, protecting your judgment from negative influences.

Seen as a stone of royalty in the Middle Ages and a crystal linked to the divinities in the Ancient Egypt age. This stone promotes peace, stability, courage, and strength. 

Zodiac sun sign association: Aquarius.


Mars - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a very beautiful healing crystal, mostly seen in marriages, it emits strong joyful and loving vibrations.

This stone is known to connect with highly sensitive people with highly empathic souls.

While unblocking the energy circulation in the throat chakra, it will be easier to communicate. A stone that promotes truth, the truth of self and non-judgmental self-inclinations. 

Zodiac sun sign association: Pisces


Avril - Diamond

The diamond, the one and only symbol of everlasting love.

Also called "vajra" in Sanskrit, meaning lightning, according to Hindu mythologies, "vajra" is the name of the weapon of the divinity Indra, the king of gods.

In Ancient Greek, diamond came from the word "Adamas" meaning something similar to unbreakable or invisible.

It was proudly worn by warriors engaging in battle for many various metaphysical reasons.

This healing crystal is described as the king of Birthstones, it's the symbol of purity, love, clarity and it's the strongest mineral on earth.

Zodiac sun sign association: Aries


May - Emerald

The emerald was always praised by royalty and divinity since the beginning of time.

Today it is still worn by rich and famous people. The very first mines were discovered in Egypt in 300 b.c. It was Cleopatra's gem of choice, she even had emerald mines of her own.

It's only in the 1500's when the Spanish invaded South America, (Colombia) that they found another source of emerald. The Incas tribes were already involved with emerald mines.

This healing crystal is a symbol of security, a new beginning, peace, and loyalty.

Zodiac sun sign association: Taurus


June – Alexandrite, Pearl & Moonstone


This gemstone is two-faced. Meaning that it changes color like a chameleon, it goes from green by daylight and red by moonlight.

It's a new discovery that occurred in an emerald mine in Russia, 1830's.

They are the rarest of its kind, so even a small piece is worth more than a tiny diamond.

Zodiac sun sign association: Gemini



Pearls are like onions meaning they have layers.

Basically, pearls are formed inside a mollusk, the forming process begins with a small content or specimen that infiltrates itself inside the living organism, making it react creating layers around the intruder as some sort of a protection mechanism.

Zodiac sign association: Cancer



The name Selenite came from the Greek goddess Selena, The goddess of the moon.

Moonstone is a sacred stone in India and was believed to be formed by moonlight by the Romans.

Known to have great metaphysical powers linked to spirituality, intuition and considered a Yin and Yang gemstone.

Recognized to be a part of the crown chakra family as well as being useful in meditation and connecting with the angel world.

Zodiac sun sign association: Cancer

July - Ruby

This beautiful gemstone is popular for its love aspiration, making you feel vitalized and was always chosen by the leaders of the world.

It was also said that the crystal was passed down as a jewel of prophecy.

Today, Africa and Madagascar are the leading sources of this beautiful ruby, the trade is very popular in Thailand and the Burmese have their own special name for their ruby trade, known as "pigeon blood".

This original name comes from the Latin word "rubber" meaning red.

Zodiac sun sign associations: All

August - Sardonyx, Peridot & Spinel


The best Source of sardonyx comes from India, but it is found in multiple countries.

This stone is legendary for its positive metaphysical powers, known to boost optimism and motivation.

The name "sard" comes from an ancient Turkish city called "Sardis", the stone it's a type of brownish onyx with white and black bands.

Some people confuse them with sard stone which is a totally different stone. 

Zodiac sun sign association: Leo


This beautiful green gem is found deep inside the earth, usually, crystals are found beneath the earth's surface but, like the diamond, you must dig deep before making its encounter.

Some will say Cleopatra's precious emerald gemstones were in fact peridots.

This gemstone is quite remarkable for its stunning golden-green glow that would catch the eye of an empress.

Protecting people from nightmares and giving strength to its wearer, peridots were found on a small island in Egypt and discovered by a volcano eruption.

Zodiac sun sign association: Leo 


Added to the august birthstone family not too long ago, spinel has always been around since the ancient days but has been mistaken for rubies.

For example, it was discovered that spinel was in fact on most of the imperial crowns of great countries.

This metaphysical stone comes in a great variety of colors each meaning something different and expanding your choice horizon.

Zodiac sun sign association: Taurus

September - Sapphire

When you hear the name of the sapphire stone you think royal blue, but this stone comes in many colors.

The royal blue stone we associate the month of September represents loyalty, royalty, and wisdom.

Sapphire was always seen as a sacred, holy stone from Christians to ancient Persians.

Some religions associated the sky as the deflexion from the blue sapphire stone.

Zodiac sun sign association: Virgo

October - Opal & Tourmaline


This stone always had high meaning throughout time, for example, the name opal comes from the ancient Roman “Opalus” and Sanskrit "Upala" meaning stone.

From another perspective, it was said that the Arabs thought that this stone fell from the heavens by lightning strikes.

Some say the name comes from the goddess Ops, the goddess of fertility.

 This stone has been a popular favorite for its particular metaphysical capacities.

It was considered a symbol of hope, purity, and truth.

This stone is also known to diffract light, giving it a magical effect.

Zodiac sun sign association: Libra


Tourmaline is known for its attracting capacity, it can attract dust or even small pieces of paper if its charged right.

Also known as verdelite, the most beneficial healing crystal for the physical heart.

Tourmaline means a mixture of gems in Sinhalese, the language spoken in Sri Lanka.

This crystal is found in a variety of colours with different meanings.

Zodiac sun sign association: Libra

November - Topaz & Citrine


The topaz is associated with the month of November (yellow) and December (blue), it's a positive stone, a soothing stone that calms tempers and rejects nightmares.

This stone occurs in a variety of colours that have different meanings, but mostly it promotes truth and forgiveness.

The ancient Greeks thought that topaz gave them great strength, the name topaz means "fire" in Sanskrit.

Zodiac sun sign association: Sagittarius


The citrine stone is a beautiful yellowish stone, it was confused with topaz for a long time due to its yellow glow.

Bringing good vibes and joyful energy this stone is perfect for matching optimistic personalities.

Citrine was used by the Egyptians as talismans, ancient Greeks used to carve iconic portraits into them and Roman priest used to wear them as rings.

It calms anger and manifest desires. 

Zodiac sun sign association: Cancer

December - Tanzanite, Turquoise & Zircon


It is a rare royal blue colour and its 585 million years old.

It is famous for its stunning resemblance to the blue sapphire stone.

It was found in Tanzania during the year of 1967, since this time, the beautiful, stunning stone caught the eye of big labeled jewelry companies and is published all around the world.

Zodiac sun sign association: Pisces



Passed down from older generations as heirlooms and great royal meaning from different cultures this rock has always been looked at as unique and powerful.

Destined to be the birthstone for the cold month of December.

Zodiac sun sign association: Sagittarius

Zircon was known as being part of September’s choice of stones, but today it is associated with the blue stone family of December Birthstones.

This underrated stone comes from Australia and contains the oldest minerals on earth, which contains clues in how the earth composed itself.

Radiation can break this stone and plays a role in radiometric dating.

Ziroc can induce sleep and reject evil and promote prosperity.

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