Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning - True Love

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Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning - True Love - My Zen Temple

Rose Quartz Semi-precious Crystal 

♥ True Love ♥

Rose Quartz is very supportive of the female reproductive system. It is known to regulate your sexual energy and increase fertility. Emotionally, this rock dissolves all sorrows, worries, fears, and resentment. Replacing bad energy with healing and unconditional love for a new inner foundation of comfort and self-contentment.

This beautiful pink stone is connected to your heart chakra, the area where your true emotions come from. Matters of the heart were emotional wounds and romantic memories lie. The ability to love and transmit love in everything we do. To commit and to obtain emotional balance.

The soft pink color found in rose quartz is a reflexion from microscopic inclusions of aligned silicate minerals which produce a pink, peach or even light violet colored quartz crystals. These reactions are due to iron, titanium or manganese inclusions.

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