Green King Jasper "Heal Physical Pain" Meaning

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Green King Jasper "Heal Physical Pain" Meaning - My Zen Temple

Green Jasper - “Heal Physical Pain”



Nurturing and protection, this chakra stone was used by healers for its metaphysical properties, for physical pain related to the stomach, the lungs, for pregnancies and childbirth. A natural way to abandon obsessiveness, paranoid illusions, entity attachments and restore inner calm.

Green Jasper is also called green king stone it’s a chalcedony based crystal with an impure variety of silica and turns out an opaque color.


Chakra Concerned


Green king stone is connected to both heart chakra and base chakra, for its connection to the earth, placing it on each chakra point will help align your chakra energies and balancing your yin and yang ( opposite energies). Green crystal energy is used to unblock passage of your heart chakra and give you a clearer understanding of your emotions.

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Jennifer Valdom
Jennifer Valdom

February 02, 2018

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