Amethyst Crystal Meaning - Intellectual Force Stone

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Amethyst Crystal Meaning - Intellectual Force Stone - My Zen Temple

Amethyst Semi-precious Crystal Symbolism

Intellectual Force - Intuition - Meditation - Feminine energy

The Amethyst is a powerful stone. It’s a beautiful purple-y gemstone that is commonly used for meditative and calming purposes. One of the rare stones that promote intellectual powers, this chakra stone can help your intellectual force in any situation you might face.

Designated to the crown and third eye chakra, this Crystal has great intuition purposes and will help you get in touch with your feminine energy.

This Healing Crystal was highly praised in the ancient world and still is. The Amethyst is known for its potent cerebral purposes, in other words, it's basically used to enhance intellectual and cerebral thoughts. In Ancient Greek, the Amethyst was basically called “not intoxicated “. It is also said that it promotes sobriety, making you think clearly and to not let yourself get influenced by your emotional thoughts that might be clouding your judgment.


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