Turquoise Dream Catcher Necklace

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Our highly elegant Dreamcatcher necklace is already an existing beauty, the Turquoise Stone is unique, it was used as a talisman for its many protective purposes for many years.

As an ancient crystal, commonly worn by royalty it has the strongest metaphysical uses. This jewel can ease your fears and push away exterior negative influences. Acting as a shield for your spirit and has a detoxifying aspect, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory aspect, unlike the others.

Wearing our Turquoise Dreamcatcher Necklace will heal you and help you develop clairvoyance. 

This stone is extra powerful it has a sense of regeneration and is very helpful to tune cerebral acquisitions such as intuition. 


  • Product Material: Turquoise
  • Metal Material: Alloy
  • Gender: Women

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