Sun & Elephant Anklet

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This chain and rope anklet is perfect for this summer. Unlike any other simple ankle wrap, this unique boho style jewelry stands out with a unique style. 

The Sun has many spiritual meanings and symbolism in many cultures, Starting with Christianity, it means, joy, life, strength, and power. Chinese culture sees the sun as the male aspect, the Yang.

In Egypt, the god Horus is associated with the rising sun, Osiris is associated with the setting sun and Ra is also associated with the sun's zenith. And is also the creator of the world representing the all-seeing eye.

The all-seeing eye is associated with the sun once again in another culture, Greek mythology as the eye of Zeus. 

Lastly, the eye of Varuna a Hindu symbolism for the sun as considered " the eye of rejuvenation"

Elephants are spiritual animals symbolizing wiseness, gentleness, power, and strength.

Commonly associated with luck and fortune in Hinduism this majestic spiritual being is associated with Ganesha which is the god of luck, protection, fortune, and blessing upon new projects.

  • Product material: cotton rope and alloy metal
  • Product diameter: 22.2cm 
  • Charm length: 1.5cm
  • Extention: 5cm

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