Heart Locket Picture Necklace

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 My Heart Locket is the most intimate jewelry there is!

This heart-shaped pendant is a secret locket, inside hides the most powerful energy on earth. LOVE

While holding the power of love, this elegant pendant is absolutely stunning, you can pair it with a romantic dress or wear it casually with friends.

Enchanting and fairytale-like, this necklace is perfect for all you romantic galls and guys out there. Bring your prince charming with you everywhere you go or your pet, even your little family could also fit in there! 

Maybe you share an eternal bond of everlasting friendship with someone very special and you want to remember special moments that make you smile and laugh and cry?

Some moments are filled with strong feelings and we do not want to forget them because they have a special meaning.

  • Length Of Chain:50cm+5cm(Adjustable)
  • Pendant Size:25MM*31MM

Limited Quantity, consider buying 2 or more.

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