Small MerkaBa Pendulums

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These Markaba pendulums are crafted with natural semi-precious stones. 

Markaba is the energy grid around you, similar to the 7 chakras inside your body, it's the energy that flows outside of your physical being. In Hebrew "Mar" means Light "Ka" means Spirit and "Ba" means Body. 

This energy sequence is similar to earth's gravity, the energy circles around itself to infinity creating an energy field that manifests your true meanings and allows you to connect your emotions and love with other people or other beings surrounding you.

Pendulums are a spiritual tool to guide you while you are searching for an answer, preferably sitting on the ground with your arms and legs uncrossed with your elbows on the table, holding the pendulum with your dominant hand, ask a question or think about something. The guidance you will receive will come from within and will be truthful.

  • Merkabah Size :Approx 21 x 21 x 21mm
  • Material: Semi-precious Stone
  • Chain Length:Approx 19.5cm

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