Heart Charm Beads Bracelet

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Our enchanting natural gemstone bracelets are handcrafted for the pure-hearted. An elegant addition to our spiritual beaded jewelry selection, offering you a choice of semi-precious stone to match your style. A white heart charm hangs gracefully by your side as you wear it. 

7 gemstone choices are available, they all have their own special meaning. 

Sodalite is a stone which improves communication and calming effects helps with the thinking process.

Gray Jasper fortifies the spirit and improves playfulness, its considered a healing stone, and a protective stone.

Turquoise is a protection stone with powerful intuition and third eye healing.

Lava stone is the stone mostly used to calm anxiety and promotes inner-strength.

Tiger Eye is the stone of confidence and perseverance this stone helps you take action and helps decision making.

Onyx is an absorber of negative energy, cleaning the atmosphere from toxic thinking and cleans the aura.

Howlite is a calming stone, reducing tension and eliminator of pain or stress. This stone also promotes self-expression.

  • Bead material: semi-precious stone
  • Metals type: gold plated
  • Chain type: elastic
  • Length: 19 CM(stretchy) * 8mm

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