Rough Healing Stone Crystals

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These irregular crystals are the perfect beginner set. Each crystal representing a chakra. These stones can be used to balance or activate the energies of each chakra.

Crown chakra: Clear quartz

Third eye chakra:  Amethyst

Throat chakra: Lapis Lazuli

Heart chakra: Green Aventurine

Solar plexus chakra: Tiger eye

Sacra chakra: Red agate

Root chakra: Red jasper

Each of these stones can also be used for their individual properties in your daily life. Clear quartz is an all-use amplifier and draws off negative energies. Amethyst increases intuition and vivid dreams. Lapis Lazuli is used to bring healthier communication and set clear boundaries. Green Aventurine eases relationships and brings a kinder mindset towards yourself and others. Tiger eye is the stone of determination, protection, and courage. Finally, red agate is a luck and calming stone as red jasper is a strength and protection one. 

Size: Approx 20mm---30mm
Weight: Approx 70g
Natural Stone 1: Amethyst & Clear Crystal & Lapis Lazuli & Red agate& Red Jasper
Natural Stone 2: Green Aventurine & Tiger Eye

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