About Us

My business and life partner (Brigitte) & I(Samuel) have started this beautiful website that you just visited in early 2017. 

We both had this feeling that we wanted to do something more with our lives while influencing and providing good and positive vibrations.

This is when we thought; Why not share our passion with people just like you and provide research, professional and specialized content that respond exactly to your needs.

Like it wasn't enough, we push that idea to the next level and succeed at establishing contacts all around the world to be able to offer spiritual handcrafts of the highest quality for the lowest prices. 

We still work hard every day so you can enjoy and feel the natural metaphysical properties of our zen accessories. 

Continue to share the positive attitude, goods vibrations, the nurturing energies and your beautiful smile to all the people around you.

Let's make this world a nice place to live.

Namaste, friend.

Contact us: info@myzentemple.com