Blue Turquoise Meaning - The Stone of Wisdom

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Blue Turquoise Meaning - The Stone of Wisdom - My Zen Temple

Blue Turquoise Semi-precious Stone Symbolism

Wisdom - Communication - Protection 

The stone of kings it promotes wisdom, nobility, power, and immortality.

We associate the turquoise stone with the fifth chakra, the chakra of the throat which is the chakra of communication, serenity, empathy, creativity, intuition, happiness and wisdom.

The beautiful turquoise stone is a unique color and stands out from every other rock on this planet. This chakra stone is composed of blue and green minerals it is also a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum

Turquoise is popular in many different cultures and is considered a very powerful healing stone. Its metaphysical powers have shown itself threw out the years, from native Americans to ancient Egypt.

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