The Meaning behind the Tree Of Life

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The Meaning behind the Tree Of Life - My Zen Temple

The Meaning behind the Tree Of Life and its different origins.

The tree with a deep-rooted spiritual meaning

Plunging its roots deep inside the earth and growing its foliage high reaching the sky, it unites material and spiritual worlds, ensuring the balance of life and all living things.

The Tree of Life loses its foliage in winter, but regrows every spring, ensuring a resurrection cycle, the ultimate symbol of regeneration and immortality.

Symbol of the evolution of the same ancestral root

The roots are meant to respect the elders (parents, grandparents and ancestors). It also symbolizes the ultimate source of life for humans, animals, plants and more that come from the same circle of life.

This special Tree means the connection to all things, the connection to the earth and the universe. We are rooted in the earth and we depend on it to expand our branches and find where the sunlight dances.

The Celtic’s Druidry meaning of the Tree Of Life

In Druid, which is the Celtic culture’s belief, the tree of life is the link between heaven and earth. The tree is an important symbol because it provides shelter, it can grow fruit to provide food, and we may use its wood to create fire.

For the Celts, certain trees hold spiritual properties. Each tree is responsible for a special element according to what you are trying to build. The Bigger trees like Oak, Yew, Ash and the Willow are mostly particular because they have a dominating presence and reflect special power in which the Celts are vulnerable to their mighty presence.

The Christian meaning of the Tree Of Life

Was placed at the center of the garden of Eden next to the tree of knowledge and of good and evil. Some think they are the same and others think they grew side by side or intertwined.

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