The Importance and Benefits of Reiki

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The Importance and Benefits of Reiki - My Zen Temple


 Reiki Benefits


The reason why Reiki is important


Reiki practice is learned through harmonizations (initiations). From that moment on and forever, there are active channels of Reiki, that is the Universal Vital Energy begins to flow in us in an unlimited way. From the harmonization with Reiki, with its practice, and with the consequent reunification with oneself, our dormant energies are awakened bringing benefits to the whole consciousness, psychic and bodily. It will have an evident strengthening of the energetic circulation in the whole body, reinvigorating and balancing our energetic centers. Our body will be brought to a state of deep relaxation, eliminating nervous stress and calming the mind.


The Benefits


 There will be an increase in awareness with increased intuitive abilities, a richer, deeper and more stable emotional flow, greater sensory acuity, resulting in clear thinking and judgment.

Also, talents and abilities receive a strong impulse to manifest themselves and to move towards an ever higher level of achievement, helping us to implement the path of life that is congenial on the physical floor solicits the process of elimination of toxins accumulated in the body relieving acute and chronic pain.

The Reiki helps to change the chemical structure of the body cells by regenerating the organs and rebuilding tissues and bones. through the lymphatic and endocrine system to strengthen the immune system with a better immunological resistance to diseases, a safe rebalancing of the functions of the sleep-wake cycle, self-regulation of appetite and thanks to the reduction of stress; even a muscle relaxation.


Other uses for Reiki practices


There are a greater resistance and psycho-somatic harmony, which can be synthesized in a better condition of balance and well-being. We remember that in addition to human beings, the practice of Reiki is also a very valid support to the vitality and healing of animals and plants. It is very good to give Reiki also to foods and drinks, and in particular to medicines, of which it supports the therapeutic qualities, while it tends to increase the resistance to any harmful side effects.


What is your motivation?


The benefits of Reiki are many, but they coincide with its goals. Rebalancing of Chakra, The Reiki puts the person in front of himself and his potential. A joyful rediscovery but in some cases also painful. For this reason, we believe that the motivations before the beginning of the seminar and the harmonization must be properly evaluated since the experience can have a profound spiritual and emotional impact on the subject. With Reiki, you can not find simple solutions or escape, in case the principle of a deep self-knowledge, in which much dedication is required and a certain amount of courage and honesty towards oneself.


Some important benefits of Reiki


Compared to other systems of care with the contact of the hands is the possibility for anyone to learn and practice it without any particular predisposition, the possibility of treating themselves, and the possibility of treating others while at the same time obtaining beneficial effects on oneself. Thanks to its powerful effect and Reiki naturally shows clearly how the faculty of healing with hands is already present in every person, and that it is possible to activate or enhance it by means of a very simple procedure, with an immediate and permanent effect, which is performed in a seminar First Level Reiki Operator.


Author: Matteo Colla Master Universal Reiki


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