Moonstone Meaning - Sensibility

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Moonstone Meaning - Sensibility - My Zen Temple

Moonstone Semi-precious Stone Symbolism

Sensibility, Feminity, Fertility, Intuition 

Selenite is useful when you have a lot on your mind, helping you clear your head. Protector of thoughts and perceptions that other people may influence you. A cleanser for your mind allowing a release of all negative thoughts.

Connected to the moon, this gemstone is a very feminine stone promoting feminine energy which is good while giving birth or while pregnant giving good energy to the female genital organs to promote a healthy pregnancy or for a balanced sexuality. 

Moonstone is part of the sacral chakra community, sacral chakra healing is vital to ensure a healthy energy flow throughout your entire body. When your sacral chakra becomes unbalanced, you often feel lethargic, unmotivated for life, sad and even, in some cases, mildly depressed

Selenite, Desert rose, Moon Stone, Satin Spar, Maria Glass.
With so many names, this rock describes itself as a very elegant, semi-precious crystal.

The name Selenite came from the Greek goddess’s name, Selena.
The goddess of the moon.

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