H.O.P.E ; Hold on, pain ends

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H.O.P.E ; Hold on, pain ends - My Zen Temple

I believe that every pain can be healed and every sickness, cured. 

Pain is often temporary, it can last a few hours, days even weeks but eventually, it will go away.

I clearly said often, sometimes big traumatism can have a permanent effect on our lives, like a big scar that nobody can see. 

The worst thing you can do to yourself is trying to fight it, deny it.

As a tattoo, it should be part of you now, accept it, embrace it.

Your mind is stronger than you think. It is not always easy but you got to be stronger than the little demon voice in your head trying to feed you with negative thoughts. 

Everything happens between your two ears. 

If you feed the bad wolf it will grow stronger being harder to calm and control.

But if you feed the good wolf, HE will grow stronger. Making everything so much easier and enjoyable.

The wolves are your thoughts and every thought feed one or the other. 

The more you are aware of what you think the easier it will be to actually control your life.


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