Agate Healing Crystal Meaning - Balance Properties

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Agate Healing Crystal Meaning - Balance Properties - My Zen Temple



Agate Healing Crystal Meaning - Balance Properties


The agate is a chakra stone that will keep your feet on the ground and balance your Yin and your Yang. Easing self-acceptance and self-consciousness. Helps with concentration, memory, and analytic abilities.

Connected to the heart and sacral chakra for a better acceptance of self and self-love. The agate stone purifies the lymphatic system and pancreas.

Basically, this stone is composed of micro quartz crystals, it’s always unique in its banding pattern and colors.


Indian Agate:


The Indian agate gemstone is a positive healing influence, it was used secretly by sages a long time ago as a secret weapon to give them courage to conquer their greatness. Giving you confidence, physical strength, and emotional security. Very good protection stone and meditation tool.

The Indian agate is part of the sacral chakra gemstone family.

This Healing Stone comes from India. Created in the mountains and formed by the moonlight of the full moon.

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March 12, 2020

why is indian agate green very anjcient looking

Lorna Crooks
Lorna Crooks

December 13, 2018

Beautiful crystals

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