5 Yoga poses that can help you get rid of Anxiety

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5 Yoga poses that can help you get rid of Anxiety - My Zen Temple

Today, we all know someone or we are someone that is prone to anxiety attacks or panic attacks.

There are many different levels of anxiety manifestation but here are some exercises that might help guide you through that phase of discomfort.

These are simple poses you can practice after a long stressful day at work or add to your morning routine and start your day on the right foot or the left, the choice is yours! 

Cobra Bhujangasana”


This is a simple pose that opens up your chest, helping the oxygen flow easier inside you, through your lungs and can regulate ventilation.

The cobra pose will stretch your back muscles neck as well as the abdomen relieving tension in the muscles.

 Legs up against the wall “Viparita Karani”


  • Lay down on the floor
  • Buttox against the wall
  • Legs straight up
  • Hands on each side

This pause will straighten your posture and stretch the back of your knees, making it easier to breathe with a feeling of support with help of gravity.

Child's pose “Bālāsana”

Resting on your knees with the upper body leaning forward it will stretch your back. Reaching in front of you passing your head with palms on the ground.

You have the choice of having your legs glued together or in a V shape depending on your comfort.

Contracting your body together gives comfort to the lungs making it easier to breathe.

Standing forward bend “Uttanasana”

Standing up with your legs stretched, keeping your knees and heels together.

Lean forward while keeping your back straight, taking a big breath and while exhaling you will bend over forward and try to touch the ground with your palms

Let your upper body hang in front of you while breathing deeply.

While stretching your back and behind your knees, this pause releases tension and helps you feel at ease. 

Corps pose "Shavasana"


This one is a simple pose, lay down on your back separating legs shoulder length with palms to the sky, repeat inhaling with all your body and imagine exhaling all the negative energy out of you.

Repeat deep breaths till you find yourself feeling light and let all the things that bother you float away.

But that's not all...

Many more poses exist and follow the same purpose of well-being, these are simple poses that are easy to fall into and give you a quick relief. But there is a catch, it is important to know how to breathe because it allows your body to profit from a healthy way of self-care, deep breaths allow oxygen to go through the body and help stretch muscles and nurture your soul.

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