Sound Therapy

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Sound Therapy - My Zen Temple

Sound therapy, an ancient technique we all want to know about.

Releasing hormones for a happier YOU!

Natural therapy treatments are finally being shared with the world, people are starting to wake up, and it feels great! If you are a little bit like me, you are always searching for a healthier and a natural alternative that really works.

Vibrational medicine is proven in many times to be successful. Mainly practiced by vibrational healers, sound therapists, energy workers, and even musicians. Using resonating objects or even your own voice you can stimulate your own healing.

 For many years sound therapy has been used to access a deeper state of consciousness, to expand awareness and heal the spiritual, mental and physical body.

 Vibrational Medicine, a Subtle Energy.

Sound can change consciousness, subtle vibrations infiltrate your mind and cancel all stress or anxiety while lowering your blood pressure. Your breathing improves as well as your whole circulation system, agreeing with your body to heal those aches and pains. This not only affects your body in a positive way but is the perfect medicine for a happier general mood. 

 Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls


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