Tree Of Life Wood Necklace

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This elegant pendant of serenity hangs gently in front of a wooden background, adding to the look, three slices of metal on a separate rope chain will sublimate marvelously your neck. 

The Tree of life is a present symbol in most religious traditions and have multiple similar meanings and is also very popular in the Yoga community. 

The tree embodies immortality placed in the middle of paradise, it is a symbolism of regeneration and rebirth since the tree sleeps leafless during winter and blooms in spring when the heat of the earth and the sun revives his leaves.

Mainly this strong tree represents the circle of life, the strong bond we have with mother earth and also to the people closest to us like our family or the friendship we hold dear in our lives. Portraying us that strong branches and firm roots are important in our everyday life, for our survival, and to be able to rebirth.

Product Details:

  • chain type: waxed rope
  • rope1 length : 39.5cm
  • rope length : 42cm
  • pendant size: 3.5 cm long
  • pendant background: wood 

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