Healing Crystal Earrings

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Amplifying your manifestations and wealth desires, Aventurine is an impressive prosperity stone. Whether you are working on a new project or waiting for the perfect opportunities to change your life, Aventurine will transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. Aligning your resources and bringing to your consciousness opportunities, it is a channel of abundance.

Rose quartz is the unconditional love stone. Its properties nourish and develop harmonizing and healing relationships. This powerful stone promotes a deeper trust in your worth and abilities and making it obvious to those around you. It is said that those with rose quartz on them have a tender and inviting glow. Its energy is soft enough to be worn every day to increase joy, gratitude, and self-love.

Tiger Eye is the stone of courage and determination. Its fierce energy promotes clarity of mind that stimulates the will to transform your dreams into your new reality. Its powerful protective properties are aligned with the sun's healing and life source, helping those with anxiety and bad self-esteem.

The combination of those three powerful energies in your life will create:

  • Material and spiritual abundance,

  • Harmonious and deepened connection in your relationships,

  • Confidence and determination to achieve your highest goals.

Material: Semi-precious Stone

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