Orgonite Obsidian Necklace

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Orgonite is a powerful tool to draw off negativity and blockades. Garnet is the stone of self-empowerment and strength. It is for prosperity and abundance. The obsidian will absorb the negative energies from the environment as it cleans from every mental tension.
This adjustable necklace is to be worn as you are manifesting.
The obsidian dissembles your resistance as it promotes a clear and powerful vision of what there is to be done as the next step. As you move on with your day after your manifestation, this necklace brings it into your reality with renewed vitality and clarity. Your thinking will be aligned with your higher self as you are protected from psychic attacks. 

Pendant Size: 35*10mm
prompt: Due to handcrafting, there will be a 2-5mm error
Material: Obsidian+garnet+resin+gold foil

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