Natural Quartz Water Bottles

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Many scientific research has shown that water molecules react to intentions such as words or vibrations. Popular research showed that different words had an impact on how the water became when it turned to ice. Implementing that discovery in your water intake can be life-changing. Infusing a crystal is the easiest way to bring the properties of your chosen crystal into your routine.
  • FLUORITE to absorb negative energies and release stress.
  • AMETHYST to soothe irritability and increase spiritual awareness.
  • GREEN FLUORITE to promote growth and renewal.
  • CLEAR CRYSTAL to bring harmony and balance.
  • TIGER EYE to dispel fear and bring good luck.
  • ROSE QUARTZ to open your heart to unconditional love and acceptance.
  • OBSIDIAN to create a shield against negativity and draw out mental limitations.
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ to lift depression and create more positive thoughts.
  • AVENTURINE to heal the physical body and encourage compassion.

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