Green Jade Smoking Pipe

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This Jade Smoking Pipe carries a much-layered symbolism that enforces our connection to a higher level of consciousness. While the Jade stone promotes wisdom, balance and peace, the pipe and smoke have long been blessed with symbols on their own.

For Native Americans as well as Indo-European traditions, smoke has always carried a deep meaning in the act of rising towards the heavens. For Native Americans, the Sacred Pipe was a holy object much valued for its ability to enable communication with the sacred.

Combined with the narcotic effect of the tobacco and the mesmerizing dance of the smoke, the pipe would be a tool in order to establish a bond between the humans and the higher beings.

The powerful combination of the material and the object itself, binds these symbols together in the context of peace and reaching higher levels of wisdom.

  • Size: 10cm (1cm=0.39Inches)
  • Material: Xiuyan Jade

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