7 Chakra Stripes Tapestry

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Our 7 Chakra Meditation Tapestry is the number ONE sensation of the summer! Elegant with its vibrant colors, Each of them represents one of the 7 important chakras of your body in its natural order.

The Chakra energy wheels are important balancing points in your body, many people suffer from diseases due to energy blockage which means the flow of energy isn't making its way smoothly between these impacting energy points.

It's important to be aware of yourself and concentrate on what or where you need more attention, this is a reminder that to be in harmony with your inner-self and outer-self you must be in touch with your body, soul, and mind. 

Take it to the beach and meditate in the sand! Or bring it under a tree for an afternoon reading session with your favorite book. 

  • Length: 150cm/59"
  • Width: 75cm/29.5"
  • Material: 100% Polyester

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