7 Chakra Dream Catcher

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The 7 Chakra Dream Catcher comes from Native American culture. We have adopted in our everyday life the powers and the protection attributed to it, as well as for the decorative pleasure in our interiors.

According to legend, the weaving effect of the Dream Catcher would act as a filter to let good dreams pass while retaining the nightmares.

This 7 Chakra Dream Catcher, in addition to the magnificent decoration, will help to ward off bad nights and at the same time imprison bad vibrations and bad thoughts that come to disrupt your sleep.

It will diffuse its benefits associated with those generated by the colors representing the 7 chakras.

It is advisable to hang it near a window, above the bed or directly oriented where the sun rises to take full advantage of the daylight that destroys the negative energies.

By buying your Dream Catcher from 7 chakras right now, you'll be ready to have a great night without a nightmare.

  • Size: 18.5*2 inches
  • Usage: Car, Home Decor, Wedding, Party

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