Amethyst Dowsing Pendulums

Metal color
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Drowsing pendulums are used to locate objects that are lost, minerals, and much more. These spiritual objects are used by healers, witches, reiki, and other spiritually inclined professions or hobbies. 

Simply ask a question and let the spirit world answer your will. This is not a toy and should not be in the hands of the wrong person. 

The Amethyst crystal that is attached to the drowsing pendulum is a powerful semi-precious gemstone. Having an Amethyst pendulum can increase spirit responses since it is a detoxifying stone that is used to clear and heal the crown chakra which is your connection to the spiritual realm.

  • weight: 15g
  • size: 60mm*12mm/Chain:20cm
  • Available in Silver or Gold

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