Amethyst Crystal Pipe

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This Smoking Pipe is made out of real Amethyst Crystal. It comes with a small stainless steel filter/bucket that you can replace and take out to clean.

The Amethyst crystal is known to give a sense of enlightenment, intuition and clear thoughts. You can relax, meditate, elevate yourself and at the same time give a boost to that train of thoughts. This pipe was carved, polished and filled with positive energy. 

This beautiful stone can come in different variety of colors, but the more it is dark, the more it is rare and prized.

The Amethyst Crystal as the ability to opens your intuition, enhances psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. It calms and stimulates the mind, enhancing memory, improving motivation and helping to become more focused. While relieving insomnia, it also assists in understanding and remembering dreams.

Product Details:

  • weight: about 100g
  • length : 80-110mm
  • wide: 25-35mm
  • Material: Amethyst

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