Tiger Eye Healing Crystal Meaning - Strong Properties

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Tiger Eye Healing Crystal Meaning - Strong Properties - My Zen Temple

Tiger Eye Healing Crystal Meaning - Strong Properties


Why Should I wear Tiger Eye Stone? 


A softener for the energetic atmosphere within your body’s temple. As long as you wear it you will be protected from whatever is distracting you from accomplishing what you want. Tiger’s are courageous, strong and confident like this vibrational stone! Whenever you feel blocked by self-confidence issues, lack of self-love and you feel like you just want to quit, choose a Tiger-Eye to help you get over that toxic emotional self-restriction.

The more the stone shows a golden glow the deeper you will feel the sense of commitment.
This Chakra Stone is good for conflict with your emotional realm and finding your inner path. This semi-precious stone attracts positive people and will expose the positive person that is lost inside you…


The Tiger Eye's Chakra


This feline beauty is an ambassador of multiple chakras such as, sacral chakra which is where the life force energy comes from, the solar plexus who is known to reinforce your digestive metabolism and calms physical pain. Lastly, the base chakra where the vital energy comes from.


Tiger Eye's History

This specific stone was used in different ancient beliefs, as an amulet or talisman for protection. In Ancient Egypt, cats were seen as sacred and lucky animals. Egyptians used the Tiger’s eye crystal as an all-seeing eye specifically placed on a divinities tomb.
This electric stone gets its flair from its golden brown colors that resemble the yellow, golden glance of this magnificent wild jungle cat.

Tiger-eye is basically crocidolite, which is an amphibian and serpentine mineral, trapped inside a crystal quartz. This gem is native from South Africa and East Asia.
If there is negative energy surrounding you, this stone will clear the air and bring harmony into your day.

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