Lava Stone Meaning - Inner Peace

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Lava Stone Meaning - Inner Peace - My Zen Temple

Lava Stone Meaning

Inner peace, Inner Calm, Balance, Peace

Similar to its environment, the lava stone has vibrant natural energy like the flames of a fire and it can be your rock when you need to come back down to earth.

These stones are made from basalt which comes from lava, hence the name Lava stone, they are a volcanic rock and that's what makes them unique and stand out from the others with their black almost matte pory texture.

This stone provides understanding in times of change and transition. Lava stone provides inner peace and inner strength to overcome difficult challenges. Also very effective for people that are suffering from anxiety, many people from children to older adults wear lava stone bead bracelets to sooth the anxiety attacks and provide calmness and peacefulness within.

This black stone is associated with the root chakra because it promotes grounding energy, warriors used lava stone in battles for its courage and calming properties. 

Oldest and most abundant stone. This pory rock comes from deep inside the core of the earth, comes out of a volcano and hardens when it cools.


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