Glow in the Dark Planet Necklace

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Be the first to own our new Glow in the dark Galaxy moon necklace! Yes, unlike the others, this necklace will light up in a dark setting, so you can bring the full moon with you anywhere you go!  

The Moon shines way up in the sky, lighting up the night with its mystical energy, while every moon phase is unique and has its own special meaning and powers.

When the full moon rises, its energy is at its absolute peak. It is this time where your intentions or wishes have been processed and are manifesting, receiving a strong sing or even an answer to your prayers. The moon is always watching. 

  • Pendant Size: 2.8cm
  • Length: 50+6cm
  • Cabochon Diameter: 28mm

Limited Quantity, consider buying 2 or more.

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