Dandelion Necklaces

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You might remember picking the dandelion as a child because your mother told you that every dandelion can grant you one wish. You would close your eyes, wish deeply, and blow as hard as you could, offering the seeds to the wind along with your dreams.

Quite unimpressive next to the more gracious flower like the lotus or the rose, the dandelion makes up for its modesty with the beauty of meaning. Derived from the French dent de lion, ‘lion’s tooth’, this flower is said to symbolize many things all tied to happiness and positive thoughts.

Family, emotional strength and healing, and the eternal warmth of the sun are all represented in this little flower.

Even though beautiful for you to wear yourself, this necklace would also work very well as a gift. As a symbol of happiness and family, you can offer this pendant to a loved one along with their fondest wish. 

Pendant Size: 2.5cm
Material: Glass
Length: 44cm+6cm

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