Turtle Bohemian Anklet

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 The "Bohemian style" Starfish Anklet is inspired by the "Boho Chic" trend which all started in France, in the 19th century. 

 Back in the days, the Bohemians were the people who started a movement of freedom for artists and poets. Wearing free flowy fabric and gathering in small "Café's" to drink absinthe and talk about freedom and how art and literature should be uncontained and radical, that creativity is unlimited. 

Today we associate the boho style with free-spirited like-minded people who are most likely interested in the arts and traveling alone or with others. People who don't give importance to material value or money and live freely among mother earth.

The Starfish is a symbolic creature meaning intuition, it is also a sign that you are following the right path and the Turtle means patience and wisdom and that it's important to take your time and enjoy your amazing life!

  • Material: Shell, Beads, Alloy
  • Length: 23.5cm+6cm

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