Lava Stone Charm Bracelets

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Our Lava stone bracelet represents Inner strength and the balancing of all seven chakras, wearing it will help energy flow smoother between chakras. You can benefit from its positive energy and it can help you succeed in all things you wish to achieve.

Our "Balance" Lava Stone Bracelets come with three different charms, Tree of life, Lotus Flower and Om. 

Three Different Charms:

The Tree of Life symbol means the connection to all things, the connection to the earth and the universe. We are rooted to the earth and we depend on it to expand our branches and grow. 

The Lotus Flower symbol represents rebirth, purity, and beauty. It goes down in the water at night and comes back up to bloom with the sun the next day. 

The Om symbol is the sound of all beginnings, it's a vibration and a consciousness of the universe. In Yoga, Bouddhisme, and Hindouisme Om represent the creation of all things. To be one with spirit, body, and mind.

  • Diameter of bead: 8mm
  • Product Material: Healing Crystals and Stones
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