Round Tapestries "Lotus Mandala"

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Do you have problems with the sand while you perform your yoga postures at the beach? Here is the yoga canvas that solves your problems!

It's the canvas you need ... Soft, it can be rolled or folded with your other accessories. These are not just beautiful beach paintings; they also serve as a tablecloth for a picnic, yoga mats, and meditation, beautiful indoor/outdoor decor, beach towel or to relax on a piece of grass, wall dye, or more.

You can pin the tapestry to a wall or use it as a meditation mat or yoga mat. Some use it as a table mat or nice room rug.

They are soft to the touch and comfortable. Machine washable in cold water, they are easy to clean. They can also be the perfect gift for your Yoga practitioner friends.

  • Cleaning Type: Hand Wash, Machine Washable
  • Size: Diameter 150cm
  • Fabric: Microfiber

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